The many names of Hank Pym

Arousing Grammar

For all his scientific brilliance (the top biochemist in the Marvel universe), Hank Pym’s genius gets overshadows by his indecisiveness.  Within the first six years of his premiere, he took on four different superhero names, all of which stem from his naming philosophy of, “Eh, I could do better.”  So today we’ll take a look at all his different identities, starting from his premiere in Tales to Astonish #27, written by Stan Lee & Larry Lieber and drawn by Jack Kirby:

Hank Pym

Before he became a superhero, his adventures started the normal way: accidentally shrinking himself and fleeing from killer ants.  Though if you’ll notice, his self-esteem issues and mental instability seeds are thoroughly planted for later sprouting even in his first appearance:




I’m no Einstein like Pym, but wouldn’t it be unwise to escape from ants by running straight into their home?  But I do sympathize with our protagonist, if just because my…

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