Famous panels: Wolverine

Arousing Grammar

So to summarize my ongoing series, I came across Comic Book Resource’s list of The 70 Most Iconic Panels in Marvel History about a year ago.  Every few months, I like to pick one of the panels and explain the stories behind it.  Think of it as a comic book version of Behind the Music, just with no music whatsoever.  In honor of Wolverine’s starring role in the new movie opening today, I picked Most Iconic Panel #4 that came from Uncanny X-Men #132, written by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Byrne:


And truthfully, this panel (and the subsequent comic) has been analyzed by many people and websites far smarter and more credible than I am.  But like Wolverine says, it’s my turn.  And also like Wolverine, I’m writing this in a sewer.

The Hellfire Club, a secret organization of billionaires and other high society folks who enjoy pummeling…

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